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Instructions for PGAP 2009 Accomplishments Report

All PGAP 2009 grant recipients are required to report to the State how they spent their grant funds. This report is due six months after the fiscal year end in which you spent the funds; however, you may submit it sooner than the deadline. We encourage you to submit your report as soon as possible. Your fiscal year end is indicated on page 1 of your contract.



Grantee Name As it appears in the contract
Grantee Tax ID# or SSN As it appears in the contract, page 1
Fiscal Year Reported The fiscal year this report covers.
Ex: Jan – Dec 2011 or July 2010 – June 2011
Date of this Report Date report was filled out
Preparer of this Report Self Explanatory
Question 1 Reminder – all grants funds must be spent by contract termination date. You will either submit one or two reports, depending on if you spend the funds in one or two fiscal years.
Question 2 What were the grant funds spent on? Remember, this money cannot be used to pay taxes.
Verification Signature Signed by the person who signed the signature card. If emailing, an electronic signature in Word is acceptable as well as a PDF.

If you have questions or concerns about this report, please contact Holly Gilroy at (919) 707-3134 or by email at or Kim Decker at (919) 707-3116 or by email at

Submitting Your Accomplishments Report

Reports are available online for printing and electronic submission. Reports may be typed or hand-written. The Accomplishments Report may be submitted to NCDA&CS by one of the following methods:

Regular Mail (USPS)
Kim Decker, Marketing Specialist
NCDA&CS Division of Markets
PO Box 27647
Raleigh, NC 27611

Express Mail (FedEx or UPS)
Kim Decker, Marketing Specialist
NCDA&CS Division of Markets
2 West Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Please remember, as stipulated in your Contract and Reporting Obligations attachment, all grantees are required to retain financial and other records relating to the awarded funds for a period of 5 years after initial grant award.


Page updated March 22, 2011

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