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Reciprocal Certification Agreement

North Carolina has reciprocal certification agreements with Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Certification in North Carolina does not allow you to perform structural pest control services for hire. Obtaining a license would be your next step if you wish to perform structural pest control services for hire.

This agreement is honored only if the individual has passed an exam(s) administered by one of the four states mentioned above.

To obtain certification by reciprocity you must:

(1) Obtain a notarized letter from the pesticide regulatory Division of the state in which you are requesting reciprocity. The letter should indicate that you have taken and passed the certification exam(s) administered by that state.

(2) Complete "Application for Structural Pest Control Certified Applicator's Card."

(3) Mail notarized letter and completed application with a $50.00 check to the North Carolina Structural Pest Control Division.

(4) Certified applicator cards are not prorated; all cards expire June 30th of each year and must be renewed prior to that date if the applicator is to continue working without interruption.

*Processing time is approximately 6 weeks.



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