For Districts - New District Master Agreements for Matching Funds and Technical Assistance Funds

At the direction of the commission and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the division is establishing a replacement master agreement for district matching funds and technical assistance funds with each district to cover fiscal years 2014-15 through 2017-18.   The new master agreement will take the place of the agreements first established in 2012-13 and include several changes to increase accountability and clarify expectations for each party to the agreement.

The 2014-15 master agreement packet is being emailed to each district beginning in August 2014.  The new agreement includes the following changes from the original 2012 agreement:

  1. Establish that the contract is between the department and district (Preamble)
  2. Incorporate statutory and rule references in “Whereas” section (Preamble)
  3. Link payments under the agreement to compliance to commission policies and rules – (Section III)
  4. Include clearer language under Section IX. Payment Provisions that payments may be withheld for failure to perform services in a satisfactory manner.
  5. Include a Dispute Resolution provision (Section XIV).
  6. Add a provision addressing conflict of interest for any district employee funded through the agreement (Section V) and requiring a Secondary Employment Certification Form to be submitted annually for all cost-shared positions.  This provision requires each district to adopt a secondary employment policy that is consistent with the Commission's Guidelines on Secondary Employment.
  7. Clarify whether the agreement includes federal funds(Section IV.  DSWC Duties and Attachment A:  Contract Budget).
  8. Establishes clearer deadlines for matching funds requests, quarterly reporting and quarterly technical assistance billing, in Scope of Work, etc and clarifies consequences for failing to meet the deadlines (Attachment A).
  9. Includes a requirement for the district to certify that the individuals receiving technical assistance funds meet the minimum requirements for a cost-shared technical assistance position specified in 02 NCAC 59D.0106(c) or NCAC 59H.0106(b) (Attachment A).

Examples for local soil and water conservation districts

In an effort to support districts as they adopt local secondary employment policies to address item six above, several examples are provided below:

If you have questions about the district agreements for 2014-15, please contact your regional coordinator.


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