For Districts - 2015-16 Amendments for Master Agreements for Matching Funds and Technical Assistance Funds

The division has established a master agreement for district matching funds and technical assistance funds with each district to cover fiscal years 2014-15 through 2017-18.   The General Assembly has now approved the state budget for FY 2015-16, so beginning in late September the Division will begin processing amendments to the agreement to include the 2015-16 matching and technical assistance funds allocated by the Commission.  There are no other substantive changes to the agreement initiated last year. 

Each district will need to submit an updated Secondary Employment Certification Form as referenced in Section V of the agreement. 

Once each district's contract amendment has been fully executed, the district can submit its matching funds request, quarterly technical assistance billing and quarterly progress reporting (refer to the Scope of Work, to see the quarterly invoicing deadlines (Attachment A).

Examples for local soil and water conservation districts

In an effort to support districts as they adopt local secondary employment policies to address item six above, several examples are provided below:

If you have questions about the district agreements for 2015-16, please contact your regional coordinator.


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