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Supervisor Travel

District supervisors are reimbursed for each day of official service; this includes official monthly board meetings (quorum present), spot checks, area meetings, annual state meetings (hosted by the association), supervisor training at UNC-School of Government, and commission meetings. Travel reimbursement rates and policies are set by the Office of State Budget Management and the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

As of January 1, 2017, the IRS has issued an advisory opinion that board and commission members who receive a stipend or per diem are employees for employment tax purposes. As a result, payments to these individuals are subject to income tax and social security/Medicare tax withholding. Many supervisors may choose to waive per diem payments. For supervisors to receive normal per diem ($15/day of official service), they must complete and return the following three forms - W-4, NC-4EZ, section 1 with signature and date on I-9 - including copies of appropriate documentation. All new supervisors should complete and sign the "Conditions of Employment" form posted below, and file with their first request for travel reimbursement. Supervisors who are considered state employees are not eligible for per diem, and are not required to complete the above referenced forms.

***Per diem information packet that was mailed to supervisors in May 2017 is available HERE.***

***Frequently asked questions - district supervisor per diem***

All supervisor subsistence reimbursement (meals, mileage, hotel, etc.) is directly deposited; with their first request for travel reimbursement district supervisors must complete the direct deposit form posted below. Supervisors that receive per diem will receive payment separately, by paper check.

Supervisor Forms

District supervisors take office on the first Monday in December on the year in which they are elected or appointed.

It should be noted that all terms of office will end in December of even-numbered years only. Full-term elected and appointed positions will begin their term of office after taking the oath of office in December. If filling an unexpired term of an elected or appointed supervisor, the office will be assumed after the commission approves the appointment and the supervisor takes the oath of office. For example, in 2018, there will be three supervisors on each district board in NC whose terms will expire - two elected and one appointed. No supervisor terms will expire in 2019. In 2020, there will be two supervisors on each district board in NC whose terms will expire - one elected and one appointed.

Original copies of the forms below should be maintained on file in district offices and kept according to locally adopted retention schedules. For reference, copies should be uploaded to the division by districts - instructions for the use of the SharePoint system are available here. Older versions of the forms will NOT be accepted; please make sure you are using current forms posted on this site.

Annually - all supervisors

(1) Supervisor Disclosure formPDF Document

The commission has adopted a policy to address supervisors' involvement as cost share contractors; the District Supervisor Disclosure Form should be completed before an appointed or elected district supervisor begins responsibilities with the district and it should be updated annually by all district supervisors. The commission policy is available here.
At the beginning of each term - all supervisors (1) Oath of office PDF Document NC General Statue 11-7.1 defines who may administer an oath of office - the link to the statute is available here. For supervisors that take office on a typical term cycle (i.e. not appointed by the commission to fill an unexpired term) this should not be completed prior to the first Monday in December.
(2) Employment Certification form PDF Document Employment status will affect travel reimbursement; this form should be updated any time employment status changes during a supervisor's term.
(3) Supervisor Disclosure form Posted above.
At the beginning of each term - elected supervisors (1) Election Report PDF Document Report should be filled out by the chairman of the county board of elections when a supervisor is elected to office.

Board Appointment

The NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission appoints board members to district boards based upon recommendations from these local boards. Please keep in mind that when supervisors "switch" seats on their local boards (e.g. move from an elected to appointed position), that the resignation/appointment process must be followed with commission approval action.

The commission has adopted guiding principles for districts to use in their selection process, and when recommending supervisors for appointment or reappointment; these guiding principles are intended to assist local districts in choosing the best supervisor candidates that will bring excellent leadership skills, diversity and new strengths to the local boards. Guiding principles are included on the reverse of the forms posted below.

Matching Funds

The division provides matching funds for local district programs, annually, as available.

Districts should use the application available at the link below to request the state matching funds for their programs. Please note that the figures input for the county match are very important; these figures are cited often by the division to demonstrate the considerable amount of local funds that are leveraged by the state investment in district programs. The county match that is listed should include only those funds above and beyond the Technical Assistance funding and match that is already provided by the county for any staff positions that are partially funded using state cost share dollars. State dollars that are provided to the district should also not be included in this figure. The figure should be a true and accurate reflection of the county investment in the district programs, and funds should not be double-counted (for this purpose, and for the purpose of Technical Assistance funding). Also below is a Sample Matching Funds Calculation Worksheet to help districts calculate the appropriate amount to show as match on the application form.

Please note that the county match must be at least the amount that is requested from the state as matching funds (typically $3,600 per year). If the county cash match does not reach the amount that is available for request in state matching funds, local in-kind contribution (for items like rent, utilities, etc.) can also be included in the figure reported as the local investment.

Beginning in October 2011, all district matching funds will be directly deposited.


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