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The RCW is sponsored by the NC Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts in conjunction with the Hugh Hammond Bennett Chapter - Soil and Water Conservation Society of America, NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission, NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation and the Soil Science Department of NC State University.

Workshop Description

The RCW is a week long intensive study and hands-on conservation workshop requiring student application and participation in a wide range of conservation topics. Students are housed in NCSU campus dormitories under the guidance of live-in counselors. In order to achieve success, students should come prepared to apply themselves to meet the primary objective of this workshop - learning about natural resources and their management in today's environment. Awards and scholarships are won and presented to students under several awards programs.

For an insider's look at activities during the Resource Conservation Workshop, please see a promotional video prepared by the Durham Soil and Water Conservation District.

2014 Program Information

June 22 - 27, 2014

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2013 Program Information



The RCW is designed to accommodate up to 104 students; the eight association areas nominate and sponsor two counselors who oversee a group of up to 13 students. A key concern is ensuring a full workshop of students while allowing equal access to class slots for each district.

Participant Eligibility

The workshop is for students who have demonstrated an interest in natural resource conservation. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND. Priority should be given to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students may participate only once in this workshop. The intent is to seek out students who have not made up their minds about attending college.


  • S. Grady Lane Award: $100 cash and $500 college scholarship* - the Grady Lane award is the grand prize of the RCW. Each counselor selects a student who is then interviewed by a panel and a winner is selected. Selected criteria include academic scores, counselor evaluations, financial need, attitude and interview results.
  • District Employee's Association Award: $1,000 college scholarship* - this award is sponsored by the DEA.
  • Academic scores from the challenge exam: five other RCW awards are presented using academic scores from the challenge exam (including the tiebreaker question):
    • 1st Place - $100 cash and $500 college scholarship*
    • 2nd Place - $100 cash and $275 college scholarship*
    • 3rd Place - $100 cash
    • 4th Place - $75 cash
    • 5th Place - $50 cash

*Please note that scholarship funds are received when the student enrolls in college, and must be claimed within 5-years of the award date.

Workshop Dates

The RCW Planning Committee will issue upcoming workshop dates no later than January 31; the workshop is normally held in late June. Please check the links in the highlights box for current program year information.


Counselors are selected by association areas. Areas agree to pay counselor registration fees and travel allowances. Area chairs will forward counselor names to the division by May 10 each year.

For more information, please contact Ralston James at


NCDA&CS Division of Soil & Water Conservation, Pat Harris, Director
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Physical Address: 512 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh North Carolina 27604
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