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Crop Fertilization Based on North Carolina Soil Tests
Table 2.3  Information required to calculate lime and fertilizer rates
Wildlife Areas and Food Plots
Crop Target
pH *
N § P2O5
Deer/ Turkey 6.0 0–60 14(18) 14 $ $ - B$ NA
Fish Pond 6.5 Not applicable
Upland Game 6.0 0–60 14(18) 14 $ $ - B$ NA
Waterfowl 6.0 0–60 14(18) 14 $ $ - B$ NA
* This target pH applies to mineral soils only.

§ For nitrogen, units are lb/acre, unless a § symbol follows the number, in which case units are lb/1000 ft².

These numbers refer to the equations that should be used to calculate amounts of
P2O5 and K2O needed. If the crop is growing in organic soil, use the equation number in parentheses. Equations are given in Table 2.4.

For copper and zinc, “R” stands for “rate” in lb/acre. For copper, the rates are 2 lb/acre for mineral soils, 4 for mineral-organic, and 6 for organic soils. For zinc, the rates are 6 lb/acre, if broadcast, and 3 lb/acre if banded. The “$” indicates that the need for copper or zinc is less certain and refers you to the $ Note: Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients.

For boron, rates are given in lb/acre.

¥ For manganese, “A” and “B” refer to the equations for calculating the manganese availability index:

“R” refers to the “rate” of 10 lb/acre; “$” refers to the $ Note: Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients.

return icon.Hardy DH, Tucker MR, Stokes CE. 2014. Crop fertilization based on North Carolina soil tests. Raleigh (NC): North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agronomic Division. Circular No. 1.

Last Update January 10, 2014


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