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Human Resources

Permanent Positions

Permanent positions consist of permanently full-time or part-time established positions for which employees receive leave, total state service credit, retirement and health benefits, and when applicable, severance pay and priority reemployment consideration. Permanent positions may also be advertised in a time-limited capacity for a limited duration.

Employees with a time-limited permanent appointment receive leave, total state service credit, retirement and health benefits. They are not eligible for severance pay and priority reemployment. Eligibility to receive health benefits will be determined by the number of hours worked and length of appointment.

Note: On occasion, permanent positions may be advertised in a temporary capacity for a limited duration.

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Temporary Positions

Temporary positions consist of positions with an appointment for a limited term, full-time or part-time, normally not to exceed a period of 3 to 6 months. When sufficiently justified, a longer period of time may be requested for temporary positions; but in no case shall the appointment exceed 12 consecutive months. Exception for students and retired employees: Students are exempt from the twelve-months maximum limit. If retired employees sign a statement that they are not available for nor seek permanent employment, they may have temporary appointments for more than twelve months. “Retired” is defined as drawing a retirement income and/or social security benefits.

Employees appointed to temporary positions do not receive leave, total state service credit, health benefits, retirement credit, severance pay, or priority reemployment consideration.

Note: On occasion, a temporary position may be advertised under the “Permanent Positions” category.

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