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North Carolina Kale

North Carolina KaleLeafy greens are officially "in season" in the winter months, but tend to be available year-round. Choose leaves that are crisp and fresh and have a deep green color, with no yellow tinge. Smaller leaves have a milder flavor, can be cooked whole, and often have stems tender enough to eat. With larger leaves, you'll need to cut out and discard the stems, and then chop the leaves into small pieces.

Nutritionally Speaking: Kale is a superstar! It is virtually loaded with calcium, potassium, indoles (cancer-fighting substances), beta-carotenes, and other antioxidants.

Culinary Speaking: Kale, which is now available in many varieties, including purple, Russian, and "dinosaur" kale.

Dinosaur kale is a very bitter green, and is most palatable when combined with other, sweeter ingredients, especially caramelized onions.

North Carolina Kale Growers/Shipper List

Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Kale

Suitable Cooling Method(s)

Room Cooling, Forced Air Cooling, HydroCooling

Optimum Temp ºF


Freezing Temp ºF


Optimum Humidity %


Normal Storage Life

10-14 days


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