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Ostrich Facts In An Eggshell

  • Ratites are flightless birds and include ostrich, emu, rhea, kiwi, cassowary.
  • Laying season usually varies March through September.
  • Incubation takes 42-43 days.
  • Slaughter age is 12-14 months.
  • Red meat is lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories than beef or poultry.
  • Usual annual egg production 20-40 eggs.
  • Males reach adulthood about 2 1/2 years old, female 2 years.
  • Live 70-80 years in wild, reach height of 7-8 feet. Weight of 250-350 pounds.
  • Major products: leather, meat, feathers.
  • One ostrich egg will feed thirteen people
  • Three breeds: redneck, blueneck and African black
  • Non-fertile eggs are blown out and used for crafts
  • The adult bird has the most efficient immune system on earth
  • The ostrich is a prehistoric bird



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