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As stated earlier, the demand today is not so much for the feathers, but for the red meat and high quality hide.

Feathers, the reason for the original demand for the bird, is more of a byproduct in today's market. Feathers are used to dust computer ships and motor companies use them to dust new vehicles before painting. The reason for their popularity in these two industries is the feather's ability to attract micro particles of dust, and the lack of oil in the feather.

The meat is becoming the red meat of the 21st century. Today's health-conscious population gets to continue to eat red meat, a favorite in the American diet. The meat is higher in protien and iron than the other read meat, yet it is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey.

The hide is recognized worldwide for its quality and durability. The hide market is already well-established. In the early to mid-1990's, U.S. manufacturers were annually using approximately 150,000 South African hides, because American production cannot supply the demand. The leather is used in the production of high quality products in the top end of the fashion industry. The choice portion of the ostrich hide is that with quills. Any items made from leather can be made from ostrich hide. Elephant hide is the only hide tougher than ostrich.


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