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NCDA&CS - Marketing Division - Western North Carolina Farmers Market


The WNC Farmers Market offers growers several ways to market their crops. This market is set up to offer the grower the option of either selling the product himself under the Farmers Only shed or selling to any of the small dealers, wholesalers, or retail vendors. Our Farmers Only shed is unique in that the grower or member of his immediate family are the only individuals we allow to sell here. For a grower to sell under this shed, he or she must first fill out a grower certification form and have it signed by the county extension agent to verify that he is the sole producer of what is sold in this area. This offers the public the opportunity to buy quality fruits and vegetables direct from the family that has grown the crop, thus supporting these smaller family operated farms. Because of the high start up cost associated with producing fruits and vegetables, many growers find that their time is better spent concentrating on production, rather that spending all day selling their product in small lots. The small dealers and wholesalers at the WNC Farmers Market purchase fruit and vegetables which they distribute in volume to restaurants, chain stores, road side stands, and large food service segments. The retail vendors on the market purchase fruit and vegetables both direct from farmers, and from dealers and wholesalers.

Space under the Farmers and Truckers Sheds are twelve feet wide and are rented by the day or week. All commodities may be sold under these sheds except for peaches and watermelons, which have a separate sales area. Fees for Farmers and Truckers who do not otherwise rent spaces are collected at the front gate.

We invite growers of any size and also those people who produce other quality items to call us at 828-253-1691 to learn more about the opportunities that exist for you to sell what you have to offer at the WNC Farmers Market.

Grower Certification

Farmers Shed Operational Policy

Vendor Application to Sell at Market

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NCDA&CS Western North Carolina (WNC) Farmers Market , Doug Sutton, Market Manager
Mailing Address:570 Brevard Road - Asheville, North Carolina 28806
Phone: (828) 253-1691 FAX: (828) 252-2025