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Ginseng Export Markets

Asia is a lucrative market for ginseng suppliers in Western North Carolina. Information on exporting regulations for exporting to Taiwan can be found here.

A list of Ginseng Importers can be found here. More assistance is available from NCDA&CS International marketing at

NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division oversees the ginseng trade in North Carolina. For more information on Ginseng in North Carolina and what you need to know, click here. For a list of North Carolina ginseng dealers, click here.

To learn how to certify Gingseng exports, please click here.

Background in North Carolina Ginseng -

Wild American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) grows in the mountains and upper piedmont of N.C.  Ginseng has a long history of use in herbal medicine.  Ginseng can be cultivated, but wild ginseng is especially important to Asian medicinal markets.  Approximately 90 percent of wild ginseng dug every year from North Carolina is exported out of the country, more so than any other state.

The ginseng market hit an all time high in 2007 when wild ginseng was sold at approximately $1,000/lb.  However, it generally takes more than 300 roots to make a pound, and ginseng is not easy to come by. Because there is such a high demand for this valuable plant, there are harvest rules to protect it from being over collected. The N.C. Plant Conservation Program issues ginseng dealer permits every year, allowing for legal purchase and export of ginseng roots.

NC typically has about 50 registered ginseng dealers and an estimated 3-4,000 ginseng diggers.  We estimate that the industry brings more than $3,000,000 per year to our state.


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