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NC Tobacco - Quality, Commitment, Integrity

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NC Tobacco Exports

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Quality – The climate and soils found in US tobacco growing regions produces unmatched flavor and aroma.

US Flue Cured tobacco is gown in

  • well drained productive soils best suited to flue cured tobacco production.
  • regions with optimum day and night temperatures
  • optimum humidity
  • areas with long frost free growing seasons
  • conditions with modern standardized production, irrigation, harvesting and curing equipment.

Integrity -  US tobacco is grown under the most stringent standards guaranteeing our tobacco meets the highest international standards.

US Flue Cured tobacco is produced

  • on independently owned financially stable farms
  • under US government standards
  • with varieties guaranteed for physical and chemical characteristics governed by NCDA law.
  • with stringent record keeping and traceability
  • in comprehensively tested barn equipment
  • in sustainable production conditions
  • with a commitment to stewardship to the environment.
  • under strict labor laws with high labor standards
  • by educated well trained growers
  • by the most qualified growers to produce tobacco to meet FDA standards.

Commitment -  US tobacco growers work together with state government, universities, the private sector and tobacco associations to be the best, most stable suppliers of tobacco. 

NCDA is a leader in

  • Establishing GAP standards
  • fairly administering regulations
  • providing land, facilities and support for tobacco research
  • providing regional agronomic support to growers

Tobacco Research support at NC State University and counterparts in other states provide research on variety development, agronomic management, disease management, insect control, mechanization, curing, environmental stewardship and harm reduction. Agronomic services offer professional advisors to support growers, researchers and industry.

Other organizations, including the North Carolina Tobacco Research Commission, Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina, Tobacco Associates and the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission provide a voice for tobacco in national and international arenas

  • Support for research
  • Technical support
  • Leaf seminars and training

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