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The exporting continuum

  1. Introduction to NCDA-IM, where NCDA-IM listens to the goals, expectations and needs of NC Agribusinesses.
  2. Multiple meetings between NCDA-IM and the company. NCDA provides market research and other information about international opportunities. NCDA introduces the company to other partners and resources.
  3. The company expresses and interest in exporting.
  4. NCDA-IM introduces the company to potential importers in North Carolina, where the company gets a better idea of what is expected in the international market.
  5. The company expresses an interest in training, available through NCDA. Company attends training.
  6. NCDA-IM provides market information by country appropriate to the product.
  7. NCDA-IM matches current opportunities in existing markets or creates new opportunities in other markets depending on the companies needs.
  8. Company applies for and receives financial marketing support available through NCDA partners.
  9. NCDA helps the company prepare for the market.
  10. The company travels to the market for a trade mission, a trade show or other opportunity to meet potential buyers. NCDA introduces the company to in country resources.
  11. Additional travel may be required to reaffirm relationships with potential buyers.
  12. NCDA provides support to find appropriate certifications necessary to export.
  13. Company exports.
  14. Company expands exports to market
  15. Company exports to new and additional markets
  16. Company expands production.
  17. Company expands staffing to include export staff to handle additional sales.
  18. Company weans itself from NCDA support using in house expertise instead.