Grants & Financial Resources

The following list of resources is provided to guide those looking for loans, grants or information regarding financial aspects of starting a vineyard and/or winery in North Carolina.

Vineyard and Winery Business Models 

Financial Resources

Business Resources

Insurance Coverage

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) has a Market Assistance Program (MAP) established in the mid-eighties when commercial coverage was difficult to find. Anyone having difficulty finding commercial coverage should contact the MAP and ask about carriers that may be willing to write the coverage. Keep in mind, though, that MAP attempts to respond to the availability issue. It does not speak to affordability. There are two types of companies that provide insurance coverage:

  • Licensed companies, whose policyholders are covered by the NC Guaranteed Association in the event a licensed company became insolvent
  • Surplus Line Coverage (SLC) companies. If the SLC Company were to become insolvent, there would be no protection for its policyholders, under the Guaranty Association.

If you are having a problem finding coverage, please call the NCDOI's Market Assistance Program at (919) 807- 6750 or (800) 546-5664 for assistance.

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