Legal Issues & Direct Shipping

This section provides information and resources about legal issues affecting the winemaking industry.

Direct Shipping
North Carolina residents are allowed to receive up to two cases of wine per month per winery by direct shipment. This wine may come from wineries within the state or from other states.

Since North Carolina is considered a permit shipping state, North Carolina wineries may ship directly to residents in other states following specific rules for each state regarding quantity shipped, permit procedures and costs.

For more information on direct shipping of wine, visit:

  • ShipCompliant Blog - provides an industry news blog informing you about wine direct shipping compliance.
  • Wine Institute - provides details of interstate shipping laws and state permits, as well as wine-related issues and laws.
  • Compli's DirectShipLicense - offers details on direct shipping state requirements, applications, forms and permits.  See also the direct shipping news and legal updates.
  • Senate Bill 668 - regarding wine shippers' permits from 2003 North Carolina legislation
  • Free The Grapes - grass roots effort to ensure consumer access to wine.
  • Family Winemakers of California follows direct wine shipping issues.
  • Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America - presents the other side of the issue related to wine wholesaling and the three-tier system in the U.S.

Other North Carolina Laws

  • Zoning for wineries: Governed by local zoning offices.
  • Personal importation: A person may bring into North Carolina or transport within the state up to 50 Liters of wine.

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