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Trout Fishing Farms In Western North Carolina

Cold, clear waters from the mountains of western North Carolina provide an excellent home for farm raised rainbow trout. North Carolina is the second largest producer of trout in the United States. Trout production in our mountains provides work and fun in one package.

Recreational trout fishing in these ponds requires no fishing license or elaborate equipment. Trout farms are located throughout our mountains, so why not plan on catching your own trout meal! Better yet…since there are no limits, catch your next meal and enough to take home to enjoy later!

Pure mountain waters yield clean, healthy and easy to catch trout – a great family outing for young and old alike. Make North Carolina trout part of your vacation plans!

There is no other fish quite like trout. Trout has a special, delicate flavor, which is delicious in itself, or it can be enhanced by the addition of various batters and sauces. There are no great mysteries to its successful preparation. So, for a quick, nutritious dinner…Try North Carolina trout!

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