Hager Sawmilling

Hager Sawmilling is a family business serving Lincoln, Gaston and the surrounding counties.

About US
We provide the sawmilling you need at your location. There is no need to bring your logs to us. We will bring the mill to you! Whether you have logs that need to be turned into dimensional lumber or large timbers that need to be resawed into smaller dimensions we can address your milling needs. Utilizing a portable Woodmizer bandmill the result is more lumber harvested from your logs than with conventional sawmilling options because the band on our mill is thinner than the blade on a conventional circular sawmill. Our mill also produces smoother lumber than conventional sawmills. Another service we offer is log removal for those who because of tree work, storm, or other situations have logs that you need removed but have no need for the lumber. In most cases we can remove the logs without cost to you if we are able to use them.

What are the benefits for you? Along with the increased yield from your logs and the smoother cut of our mill, you will find that very little log movement is necessary. Since we come to you with the sawmill, your logs will just need to be in a pile with a moderate area beside them for us to work in and we will take care of the rest. When we are finished we will leave you with the lumber you desire, the remaining slabs that will not make a board from the outside of the log, and the sawdust. It is that simple!

For small jobs or very unusually shaped logs we charge by the hour. Sawmilling for larger quantities is billed by the board foot of lumber. We strive to have reasonable rates. Please call us for a free quote or site inspection.

Our Products
portable sawmill, log removal, resawing large timbers


Hours of Operation
We operate as necessary except on Sunday.

Here's where you can find our products

Hager Sawmilling
Greg Hager
609 Mt. Zion Church Road
Alexis, NC 28006
Phone: 704-263-1433

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