Al's Secret Spray Sauces, Inc

Al's Secret Spray Sauces, Inc
Al Hunter
14460 New Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 149-171
Raleigh, NC 27614
WAKE County
Phone: 9196509691

The Finest Sauce One Will Experience

Special News
Annual 20% Customer Rebate

About US
International Ingredients

Company founder combat retired veteran

Founded in 1982 by accident in Black Forest, Germany

Our Products
al's outdoor flavor spray sauce 16 and 4 oz sizes, apple flavor bbq sauce, hot flavor bbq sauce, hickory cured flavor bbq sauce, al's barbeque flavor but rub, al's lime pepper but rub and al's smoked pecan flavor but rub

Internet and phone, sauces and rubs manufactured and shipped

Hours of Operation

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
some grocery stores west coast, primarily internet


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