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BR Design, which designs a single bag, is a small company started by second grade teacher Carlene Browner with the help of her sister Cassandra, a registered nurse and brother-in-law Dale, a US Navy retiree. A single bag was born after Carlene began teaching her students about recycling and ways they as individuals can be kind to the earth. Along the way she discovered how wasteful we are as planet dwellers and how even small changes in the way we live daily can make a huge difference in the environment. She began by refusing paper and plastic bags at grocery stores and using flat canvas bags instead. The canvas bags made it difficult for them to bag egg cartons, cereal boxes, milk, etc. Cassandra designed and made several reusable bags that modeled the shape, size and function of a traditional brown paper bag with handles and a single bag was born. Using reusable bags instead of paper or plastic is one small change that will have a huge impact on the earth. Remember, a single reusable bag has the power to replace 1000 plastic and 500 paper bags over its lifetime. It is something we all can do for the planet Earth.

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A Single Bag
Carlene Browner
P O Box 41025
North Charleston, SC 29423
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Phone: 843-771-2377

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