LuckyEwe Farm

LuckyEwe Farm
Renee & Mark Clark
1349 Garden Lane
Lenoir, NC 28645

Our sheep give everyone the warm fuzzies

Special News
We are not currently selling goods but are in the process of growing. We do hope to offer registered pure bred lamb as well as fiber soon.

About US
We are a beginning hobby farm that grew out of a tiny dream. Someday we would like to blossom into a place of many dreams,providing the community with food, wool, recreation and education. We are members of the Jacob breders association and have studied extensively to insure healthy, happy sheep live on our little farm.

Our Jacobs are registered breeding stock purchased from a knowledgable breeder with a great reputation. These sheep make great show stock, meat and fiber and are wonderful little self propelled mowers.

We chose Jacob sheep because they are so unique. These sheep are considered endangered and we would like to help preserve this breed. They have a great nature. Jacob sheep are stunning to see. They can have anywhere from 2 to 6 horns. They sport a spotted fleece that is low in lanolin and great for spinners and crafters. The meat is lean and tasty. They are small and easy to care for. And very hardy creatures. It is believed that the jacob sheep is the same breed that Jacob was raising in the Bible. (Gen. 30) Because they are a heritage breed they have a high resistance to parasites and illness.

Our Products
Jacob sheep, wool,roving,related products.

We are located between Lenoir and Colletsville- just off of the Abington Rd.

Hours of Operation
email for directions and to arrange visits:

Here's where you can find our products


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