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JEEM Farms, LLC, located in Pilot Mountain, NC, is a family owned operation whose objective is to fully ensure your 'offseason' tomato satisfaction! The tomatoes we grow are juicy, meaty, and full of flavor! Our greenhouse grown produce is chemical free, and is done so through the use of sustainable farming techniques and other organic methods. Using this method, you can be assured we are providing produce in an environmentally friendly way and you can be assured that our produce is completely safe to eat! Allowing you the opportunity to enjoy our tomatoes just as nature intended is what we intend to do... fresh, tasty, and chemical free!

The greenhouse tomato operation is GAP certified. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice, is handled through the USDA, and once this accreditation is awarded, it sets us apart from many other growers. This certification means we have set our standards extremely high in achieving cleanliness and overall safe food handling. Hand washing, produce cleanliness, water testing, chemical safety, and most importantly, accountability for the produce we send out our doors!

JEEM Farms greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers are, without exception, the freshest and tastiest 'locally grown' produce you will find during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The taste they offer is "indescribable" and is "absolutely wonderful", as customers have stated. Many have commented that our tomatoes are more flavorful than those grown in the fields in the Summer. What a compliment! While the Summer field crops are in full swing, you can savor their taste and have enjoyment in knowing you were able to get a fresh from the garden tomato. However, once this seemingly short season winds down, you are left with mediocre to lousy imported and chemically filled tomatoes and cucumbers. Where we come in is when the locally grown field crop tomatoes are no longer available. We will have greenhouse tomatoes from October through the end of June. So, when the field crops finish, you can get tomatoes from us, and can continue until the field crops come back into season!

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tomatoes, grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers

From the Greensboro or Winston Salem area, travel Highway 52 North; or from the Mount Airy area, travel Highway 52 South. Both will allow for a 'Pilot Mountain' Exit. At this exit, travel Highway 268 West towards Dobson. Approximately 1/4 of a mile, you will make a left turn onto Shoals Road. At this turn, travel 3 miles and make a right turn at the first fork in the road (Pilot Church Road and Shoals Road). Upon making the right turn, you will be on Quesinberry Road, and will see the "JEEM Farms" sign and you will see the greenhouse to your left.

Coming from Dobson/Elkin: Travel Highway 268 East until you approach the 52 Exit. Just before reaching the exit, look for Shoals Road... this will be at the "Tucker's Convenience Store". Make a right, and travel 3 miles. At the fork in the road, make an immediate right. You will see the 'JEEM Farms' sign.

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri - 9AM-6PM; Sat - 9AM-6PM; Or, by appt!

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Stop by our greenhouse; local Farmers Markets; and/or deliveries can be made. (Our website lists the specifics based on the time of year.)

Michelle M. McKinney
129 Quesinberry Road
Pinnacle, NC 27043
SURRY County
Phone: 336-710-5301

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