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Genuine Old Fashion Country Hams Cured With Salt, Brown Sugar, Fresh Mountain Air and Time.

About Us
In the early 1900's Mr. A. B. Vannoy began curing country hams in his hometown of West Jefferson, NC, a town nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ingredients he used were simple: salt, brown sugar, fresh mountain air, and time. Through the years, Mr. Vannoy perfected his slow curing process and passed the secret down to family members. The family business grew and continued to cure the same delicious old fashioned hams year after year, decade after decade.

The curing process starts in early January with each ham being hand rubbed with just the right blend of salt and brown sugar. Unlike other country hams, NO chemicals, preseratives, nitrates or nitrites are ever used on our hams. In late Febuary or early March the hams are then moved into the drying rooms where the temperature and climate is controlled by Mother Nature. Whatever the outside temperature is, so it is in the drying rooms. Hence the term "Climate Cured Ham". And there the hams remain, for 180 days, through the months of June, July and August until they complete their drying process by September 1st. Only then will they be ready to be considered for the final test where they will earn the title of an A B Vannoy Country Ham.

The A B Vannoy Country Ham has become a mountain tradition for many families and restaurants in the region. Perfect for a country breakfast or dinner, a holiday feast or anytime, these hams also make great gifts for your friends and family to enjoy. We invite you to try one today!

Our Products
Country Ham

Our retail outlet is located at 1008 South Jefferson Avenue, West Jefferson, N.C. 28694 inside the Smoky Mountain Barbecue Restaurant at that location.

Hours of Operation
10:30am - 8:00pm Monday - Thursday; 10:30am - 9:00pm Friday - Saturday; Closed on Sunday.

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Where you can find our products
Smoky Mountain Barbecue, West Jefferson, NC; Ashe County Cheese, West Jefferson, NC; Thomas Brothers Custom Meats, N. Wilkesboro, NC; Time Flies Country Store, Mount Holly, NC; Caro-Mi Dining Room Restaurant, Tryon, NC;


A B Vannoy Hams
Nancy Jordan
205 Buck Mountain Road
West Jefferson, NC 28694
ASHE County
Phone: 336-246-3319

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