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Farming is fun when you play and learn together!

About Us
We are a small Christian family owned farm. We started our farm to help our children learn about our roots, and to be able to take care of creatures other than themselves. Our animals are our pets and our food. We have produce throughout the summer, and try to fill our shelves and freezer for the winter months while selling some and donating to our local food pantry.

Our journey started at the end of January 2013. We got our first chicks and started our business by getting licenses and IDs. We built our first coop and expanded it more than a few times. In June we thought it would be fun to get a goat or two. 21 Pygmy goats later, I think we have enough. September was the month of the pig. We got 3 piglets and added a new animal to our livelihood. We sold out of our pigs and got 4 Holstein calves and a breeding pair of American Guinea Hogs. Although we no longer have Holsteins we now have Lionhead rabbits and have moved our farm to a location with more land for the animals and kids to roam.

I think we are good on animals for now, except for the babies :-) Eggs stay in the incubator, so keep checking for new additions!

Our Products
Goats, American Guinea hogs, Buff and splash orpington chicks, chickens, Lionhead rabbits, Mini and standard horses, & produce

From Hwy 52- take exit 89 (Childress Vineyards) if you are coming from the North make a right and from the South make a left onto Hwy 64. When you get to Hwy 150, keep going to the second road which is Dykers Creek Road. When you get to Victory Missionary Baptist church on the right then turn right on to the gravel road. Come across the bridge and come to the only house on the right. It is an older brick house. From Interstate 85- take exit 96 (Hwy 64) if you are coming from the North make a right and from the South make a left. When you come to a fork in the road stay to the right. Then take the Hwy 64 (to Mocksville) exit. It is the first exit past Lexington Barbecue on the right. When you get to Hwy 150 follow the directions as above. If you get lost just call and we can get you here!

Hours of Operation
Open everyday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Other times by appointment

Web Site

Where you can find our products
Hodge Farms


The more you buy, the better the deal! Call for pricing!

Hodge Farms
James & Jenni Hodge
527 Wood Heirs Drive
Lexington, NC 27295
Phone: 3362473709

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