A Sorrael Filleigh's Farm

About US
A Sorrael Filleigh's Farm is a small family farm located in Kelly NC, about 30 miles from wilmington. We raise GMO free pastured poultry. Our chickens are raised in bottomless pens which provide, shelter from bad weather and predators, but allow plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Each pen is moved every morning to fresh pasture. No medications necessary when rotated across pasture. Our chickens are processed on our family farm to eliminate the stress of travel. We offer whole chickens as well as boneless/skinless breast, tenders, leg quarters, wings, and backs. All poultry is packaged in BPA free packaging.

Our Products
Pastured Poultry NON GMO, Whole chicken, Boneless/Skinless breast, tenders, leg quarters, wings, backs.

1001 Greens dairy rd. Kelly NC 28448

Hours of Operation
Call to schedule pickup/delivery

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
www.asorraelfilleighsfarm.com www.downeastconnect.com

A Sorrael Filleigh's Farm
Mike Jordan
1001 Greens Dairy Rd.
Kelly, NC 28448
Bladen County
Phone: 910-471-5321

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