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About Us
SKYe2 Farm is an experimental farm on Old Beech Mountain in the high country of NC. Its elevation ranges from 4200' to 4400' and the property faces Roan Mountain in Tennessee. The topography is fairly flat considering its elevated mountain location. Currently, over 1/2 of this 33 acre farm is planted in Christmas trees although the majority will be harvested in the fall of 2016. Most of the property is open with beautiful meadows that are decorated in wild flowers from every season. The long-range and undisturbed views are the backdrop for this newly established farm. The ownership is under the name SKYe2 Farm.

Rather than development, the plan is to transform this recently acquired property into an experimental farm with an emphasis on sustainable yet practical practices. Organic and environmentally-friendly farming practices are our priority. This season, a myriad of perennial plants, such as apple, pear, walnut, willow and chestnut trees, asparagus, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, horseradish, lavender and much more have been planted in the midst of thousands of existing Frasier Fir trees. . In addition, many annuals like kale, lettuce, beets and spinach have also been cultivated. Next season, many other plants will be added which include mushrooms. Honeybees hives are another likely addition to the farm.

Once the best crop choices are determined over this season and next, the scaling of plant production will be our next initiative. This ongoing metamorphosis will keep this emerging and diverse farm an interesting place to visit, paint, photograph and enjoy often.

Our Products
apple trees, asparagus, blueberry, chestnut trees, cowpeas, kale, lettuce, beets, forsythia, hops, horseradish, lavender, pear tree, pumpkin. raspberry, strawberry, walnut trees, wildflowers, willow trees, yellowwood trees, milkweed, mushrooms, Frasier fir trees

1510 Old Beech Mountain Rd. Elk Park, NC

Hours of Operation
By appointment on Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm ... 919-247-4449

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SKYe2 Farm, LLC
Charles D. King
2525 York Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27608
AVERY County
Phone: 919-247-4449

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