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About US
ATTN: BREEDER GROWERS This is to introduce you to our company and our work re-covering all major brands of steel conveyor belt rollers used on egg collection systems. We have been in business since 1932 covering textile rollers and began specializing in conveyor rollers (especially for egg producers) in 1990.

Our prices vary according to roller size. For example, a 4" diameter by 9" long roller costs $55 using a MOLDED RUBBER COVER. We pay return shipping costs. When you consider the purchase price of a new conveyor roller is $130 or more, re-covering the roller you already have is cost effective.

Pride in our work and low prices allow us to guarantee our work to be satisfactory or your money will be refunded.

Our Products
egg collector rollers

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 8-5. Other times by appointment

Here's where you can find our products
Phone us at 336-538-0116 or 336-516-3147 to request literature and prices.

Hopkins Roller Shop
Dwight Hopkins
1514 Charleigh Ct.
Elon, NC 27244
Phone: 336-538-0116

Special News

Egg Producers: Let HOPKINS ROLLER SHOP replace the worn rubber covering on your conveyor rollers. Re-covered rollers perform like new and cost about half as much. WE RE-COVER ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF STEEL EGG COLLECTOR ROLLERS.

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