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About Us
(USDA APPROVED IN 1996) We are a small company, which is family owned and operated. This gives us a great deal of personal pride in Joe's Beef Jerky. When we say it is "THE VERY BEST BEEF JERKY" that you will find anywhere, it is because we believe it. We also believe it because we know the quality of the ingredients, and the hard work it takes to make the very best beef jerky anywhere.

We are inspected on a daily basis and comply with all state and federal regulations. Our plant is operated under the new federally mandated HACCP plan, which helps to insure a safe and very closely monitored product.

Uses: high protein diet, to help quit smoking, great snack any time, while hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, backpacking, horseback ridding, four wheeling, dirt bike riding, raking leaves, mowing the grass, watching TV, and just about any time. It is used to make gravy, season other foods, to teeth babies, bribe rowdy children, and dog's.

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Where you can find our products
Our web sight (WE CAN SHIP ANY WHERE THAT EXCEPTS US BEEF PRODUCTS), on E-Bay, and we have 120 Convenience Stores in and around Statesville where our product can be found


Joe,s Beef Jerky INC.
Joe W Cashion, Jr.
122 Cashion Farm Drive
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: 704-528-4717

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