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About US
My love for the French language gave me the name for my passion in baking. It all started on a cruise to the Grand Caymans. A cruise I wasn't scheduled to take until the last minute because a family member was unable to go. There was a rum tasting onboard the ship and an excursion which included a visit to a local rum cake bakery. After bringing back a few bottles of rum and having always baked for family and friends, I decided to try a rum cake. It ended up being something spectacular! My passion for baking started early in life with YES, MY EZ BAKE OVEN! It's true! I would bake my Dad miniature pineapple layer cakes. IMAGINE THAT! My Mother baked every chance she had... her specialties were apple pies, peach cobbler and yeast rolls. MMMMMmmm! It seemed as if you could taste the love like it was an actual ingredient. I always wanted to help... not realizing that even then... I was preparing for my future.

We ship throughout the United States!

Our Products
8 Flavors of Rum Cake; "Cake"; Appletini Cake; More Coming Soon!


Hours of Operation
Special Orders; by appointment only.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products,

Chez Moi
Rhonda L. Jones
University Drive
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: 919-824-2610

Special News

Eight different flavors of rum cake, one vodka cake (Appletini), Black Cherry Bourbon Cake and Orange Tequila Cake... with French Martini Cake coming soon!

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