Bluebird Hill Farm

Bluebird Hill Farm
Norma Burns
421 Clarence Phillips Road
Bennett, NC 27208
Phone: 336 581 3916
Fax: 336 581 3916

"Committed to Sustainable Agriculture"

Special News
Our gardens are at their most beautiful in Spring time, when trees and flowers are blooming, new shoots are coming up in the produce gardens, and the herbs are at their freshest and best. In early June, our lavender field breaks into bloom and the hill is filled with lavender flowers and bees busily filling their hives with lavender honey! Our Lavender Harvest is open to the public---a wonderful opportunity to picnic, fish in the pond, listen to music, draw or paint, or even help with the harvest!

About US
Bluebird Hill is a small farm where Norma Burns specializes in growing herbs, specialty vegetables, cut flowers, native plants, value-added farm crafts and food products. We incorporate the principles of permaculture to maximize the use of space in our raised beds. We grow many types of fruits and vegetables, emphasizing diversity and quality over quantity. We are always experimenting with new crops, trying to figure out how to make them grow here- things like hops, kiwi, cranberries, and others not often seen in our area. We host Parties, weddings, picnics, and photo shoots. We have group workshops in growing and using herbs, exploring their requirements and ways to combine them with flowers in the landscape. Select your favorite herbs and bring them into the kitchen with us to prepare new recipes! We have developed a number of products such as dried herbs, herbal mixtures, vinegars, preserves, and crafts. Our now-lovely site is perfect for special gatherings. We offer classes in growing and using herbs and flowers.

BLUEBIRD HILL FARM ESSENTIAL OILS and Hydrosols From our field of 500 Lavender plants, we distill Essential Oils. Our light, cologne-like hydrosols are distilled water with molecules of essential oil--so our Spritzers and Room & Linen Sprays are made without the use of alcohol. We also offer an assortment of essential oils including Mint, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Tarragon and Lavender. Use these to develop your own signature scent, aided by instructions included with the set. BLUEBIRD HILL FARM HERBS Fresh and freshly dried herbs are surprisingly different from store-bought herbs. In stores, it may take many months, even years, to bring herbs through harvesting, drying, mixing, packaging, shipping, storage, and shelving. We have both fresh and freshly dried culinary herbs as well as herbs for cosmetic uses, all available with recipes to give you ideas and help you use them. If you don't see what you are looking for in this information, please let us know--- we have only included a sampling, and we will be glad to help you find what you need.

BLUEBIRD HILL FARM RUBBING SPICES Our Rubbing Spices are so flavorful they may surprise you. They are taken from harvest to packaging within weeks of your using them. Compared to the Rubs you find in the store, in which SALT is the first ingredient, salt is the last, and miniscule, ingredient in our recipes. Original Spice Rub was developed for meat, particularly for grilling. Spice Rub for Chicken and Fish was developed by popular request, with emphasis on dill and lemon to enhance their more delicate flavors. Garlicky Spice Rub is our most popular rubbing spice. It is essentially the same formula as Spice Rub for Chicken & Fish, with the addition of garlic. It can be used for any dish when you wish to add a little garlicky flavor. Because we rely on herbs to provide flavor to our Spice Rubs instead of salt, as in commercial rubs, a little goes a long way. We recommend that you use them sparingly until you can judge the amount of flavor you wish to add to your dish. To use our spice rubs, pat chicken, meat or fish dry with paper towel, dredge in, or sprinkle with, spice rub to coat. Refrigerate in plastic bag or other sealed container overnight for best flavor before cooking. BLUEBIRD HILL FARM HERBAL TEAS Our Herbal Teas taste fresh and full-flavored, providing so many variations of taste you will surely find some that are your personal favorites. Rose Peppermint (Rose Petals and Chocolate Mint) is the all-time favorite, followed by Mostly Mint (with several mints and lemon thyme) and Sweet Summertime Tea (featuring Elderberries, Rose Petals and Cracked Cardamom). Simply Sage Tea has invigorating and medicinal qualities, while Aunt Jane's Chamomile and Autumn Pear Teas are calming and soothing.

Our Products
Specialty produce, herbs of all kinds, flowers, potted plants, herbal products, teas, spices, mixtures, recipes for using herbs. guinea fowl, fishing pond, outdoor events, crafts, seeds.

Take US1 South from Raleigh. Just past Sanford, take Hwy 42 West toward Ashboro. Stay on 42 West for approximately 28 miles across Deep River, through Carborro, through the caution light at the Glendon- Silar City Road, and past all the fruitcake signs. Just after the last fruitcake sign at Hoyte Scott Road, you will see an intersection sign. At that intersection, you will see Ronald Scott Road on your right, and Calvin Phillips Road on your left. Turn left on Calvin Phillips Road. Your first right is Clarence Phillips Road. Follow Clarence Phillips Road and you will see a white mailbox with "421" on it and a blue Bluebird Hill Farm sign. Turn left onto the gravel drive and follow it down to the farm. Cross a little creek and you will see the barn with the house beyond.

Hours of Operation
By advance appointment only.

Web Site
see Chatham County Sustainable Agriculture web site

Here's where you can find our products
Chatham Marketplace, Pittsboro, NC; North Hills Saturday Farmer's Market (May - September), Raleigh, NC; Zely & Ritz Tapas Restaurant, Glenwood South, Raleigh, NC; Woodburn Cottage B&B, Raleigh, NC.


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