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National One Medicine Symposium - Presentation Downloads

Listed below are the presentations and training materials that were used at the National One Medicine Symposium in past years. Due to the sensitive nature of some materials and the fluidity of changes, some presentations were not included. Please feel free to use these for your future training activities and references.

Thank you for attending. We hope you benefited from the activities of this event, and we look forward to seeing you next year. If we can be of assistance in the future, please feel free to contact:

Bruce Akers ( or
Dan Madding (
NCDA&CS Emergency Programs Division
1035 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699
Tel: (919) 807-4300

Note: When viewing these files it is best to download them from the site to your personal computer. In general, you can accomplish this by right-clicking on the link and choosing either "Save target as" or "Save link as."

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 One Medicine Symposium Presentations

2010 One Medicine Symposium; Reality Bites: A One Medicine Approach to Vector-borne Diseases

2010 One Medicine Symposium Brochure

Author Presentation Title
Apperson, Charles Complex Ecology of Lyme Disease in the South
Birkenheuer, Adam Canine Babesiosis
Breitschwerdt, Edward
(morning presentation)
Spotted Fever Group - Rickettsioses
Breitschwerdt, Edward (afternoon presentation) Bartonellosis: The Hidden Epidemic
Engber, Barry EEE Ecology, Sentinel Flocks and Mosquito Surveillance
Lantos, Paul Lyme Disease
Little, Susan Canine Diagnosis – What is the test telling us?
Moncayo, Abelardo Human Babesiosis
Montgomery, Susan Chagas disease in your backyard?
Paddock, Christopher You can’t tell a rickettsiosis by its spots: the expanding spectrum of spotted fever in the United States
Whitehouse, James Mosquito-borne Diseases: Epidemiology and Clinical Management of La Crosse virus
Yabsley, Michael Changing Ecology and Vector-borne Diseases – The wildlife perspective

2009 Humans & Birds & Pigs - Oh My!
A One Medicine Approach to Emerging Influenzae

2009 One Medicine Symposium Brochure

Author Presentation Title
Casani, Julie Impacts of the 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza on Public Health
Erickson, Gene Influenza Virus Evolutions within the Poultry and Swine Industries
Foley, Patricia Vaccination Strategy for Swine and Swine Workers
Gonder, Eric Influenza Virus Evolutions within the Poultry and Swine Industries
Khan, Rear Admiral Ali One Health A Bird That's Come Home to Roost

Marshall, David

A One Medicine Approach between NC Department of Health and Human Services and NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Moore, Zack

Human Influenza Surveillance
Ray, Tom Influenza Surveillance Strategy for Swine
Swafford, Seth The Wildlife Picture Feral Swine and Wild Birds

Wagstrom, Liz

Impacts of the 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza on Swine Industry

2008 One Medicine Symposium; Earth, Wind, and Fire: A One Medicine Approach to Climate Change

2008 One Medicine Symposium Brochure

Author Presentation Title
Day One Presentations
Beach, Michael Recreational Water
Boyles, Ryan Drought Panel - Climate Change
Casani, Julie Drought Panel - Public Health
Easterling, David The Science of Climate Change
Fauquier, Deborah Harmful Algal Blooms
Hamrick, Debbie Drought Panel - Agricultural Impact
Hoell, Doug Drought Panel - Emergency Management
Luber, George(for Mike McGeehin) Climate Change and Health
Luber, George Extreme Heat
Poore, Matt Drought Panel - Cooperative Extension
Tester, Pat Harmful Algal Blooms
Day Two Presentations
Beldomenico Wildlife Health
Gage, Ken Vectorborne Diseases in the US
Fleischauer, Aaron Biosurveillance and Climate Change
Maibach, Ed Communicating Effectively
North, Carol Mental Health Effects of Climate Change
Shea, Kathy Air Quality and Respiratory Health
Tickel, Slenning, Salyers Animal and Human Welfare


2007 One Medicine Symposium; Globalization and Emerging Risks: A One Medicine Approach to a Changing World

2007 One Medicine Symposium Brochure

Author Presentation Title
Brown, Corrie Globalization - Ag Economics and Public Health
Brown, Corrie International Animal Health Organizations
Edling, Thomas M. Exotic Pet Trade Industry
Engel, Jeffand Wall, Aimee The Nanny State
Macgregor-Skinner, Gavin Avian Influenza Update
Kurkjian, Katie Neurocysticercosis in North Carolina
Marano, Nina Travel, Human Migration and Public Health Risks
Noah, Donald L. Biodefense Overview, NBIS
Reardon, Joe Expanding Risks of Safe Products in a Global Economy
Senouci, Kamel WHO IHR implementation
Slenning, Barrett OneMed NBAF Briefing
Toews, David Waltner Human-Animal Relationships in a Global Context
Williams, Carl ORV in NC

2006 One Medicine Symposium; Public Health, Agriculture, and Wildlife: The Common Thread

2006 One Medicine Symposium Brochure

Author Presentation Title
Casani, Julie Bioterrorism Agents Involving the Public Health Agriculture and Wildlife Interface
Cline, Steve Ethical Issues of Pan Flu
Cline, Steve Pandemic Flu Overview
Crane, Debbie Crisis Training
Engel, Jeff Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Fischer, John Assessing and Managing Disease Risks in Wildlife
Macgregor-Skinner, Gavin Global Domestic Poultry Surveillance and Epidemiology of H5N1
Jenkins, Suzanne Prevention and Control of Disease Transmission from Wildlife
Karesh, William Global Avian Influenza Network for Surveillance for Wild Birds
Karesh, William Wildlife Conservation Society
Kazmierczak, Jim Monkeypox Detection in the Western Hemisphere 2003
Kennedy-Stoskopf, Suzanne Emerging Diseases A Continuing Experiment in Changing Natural Resources and Educating Public Opinion
Marshall, David Domestic Poultry Surveillance Preparedness for Avian Influenza
McQuiston, Jennifer The CDC Role in the 2003 Monkeypox Outbreak
Nelson, Dave Wisconsin Wildlife Services Cooperative Monkeypox Surveillance 2003
Smith, Greg Monkeypox Historical Perspective and Overview
Smith, Greg Monkeypox PDs Ferrets Influenza final Dec 2006
Stallknecht, David The Natural and Unnatural History of Avian Influenza Viruses in Wild Birds

2009 One Medicine Symposium Presentations


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