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Biological Control Services

Beneficial Insects LabThe mission of the Biological Control Program of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) is to implement and maintain biological control programs to benefit the residents and the environment of the state of NC.

Since the program began in the early 1970s, our focus has been to target pests of regulatory significance to complement other control programs of the Plant Industry Division.  Because almost all regulated pests were introduced without their natural enemies, classical (or introduction) biological control is an appropriate tool for the regulatory agency after the pest is established. Before the insect or weed is established, eradication through chemical or other control methods may be preferred and more appropriate. 

Biological control services provided by the NCDA&CS include research and testing of possible biological control agents, collection and redistribution of safe and effective control agents, and raising public awareness of biological control.

The Biological Control Program is housed at the Beneficial Insects Lab, and shares the facility with Apiary Inspection Services.  In addition to laboratory and office space, the building houses the NCDA&CS Quarantine Facility which can be used for the study of exotic pests in a secure environment.


For Additional Information Contact:

Plant Protection Section - Kathleen Kidd, Biological Control Administrator
Mailing Address: 1060 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1060
Physical Address: 950 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511
Phone: (919) 233-8214 FAX: (919) 233-8394


NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division - Plant Protection Section
Plant Pest Administrator - Phillip L. Wilson
Mailing Address: 1060 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1060
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh NC 27603
Phone: 919) 707-3753 | FAX: (919) 733-1041