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Imported Fire Ant Treatments - Mitigative Measures

Approved Imported Fire Ant (IFA)Treatments for: Nursery Stock, Balled or in Containers, Used Earth Moving Equipment, Baled Hay and Straw, Greenhouse-Grown Plants, Grass Sod, Bulk Soil and Soil Samples

Mitigative Measures

The following measures are required to minimize impact of quarantine treatments on the environment and human health. Any person requesting certification to authorize the movement of regulated articles must adhere to these measures where applicable.

  • All applicable Federal, State and local environmental laws and regulations must be followed.
  • Safety equipment and clothing, as specified by the label instructions, must be used and worn during treatments and during inspections.
  • Safety practices shall be communicated, and regulated establishment managers must require that on -the-job safety practices be followed.
  • All pesticides must be applied, handled, stored, and used in accordance with label directions.
  • Empty pesticide containers must be disposed of in accordance with Federal and State regulations.
  • Pesticide remaining in containers after completion of an application must be retained and disposed of in accordance with label instructions and Federal and State regulations.
  • Oral or written warning must be provided to workers and the general public, indicating pesticide application areas during application and appropriate reentry periods.
  • Owners or managers of regulated properties must take precautions to limit access to treated areas by the public, livestock, and wildlife.
  • Accidental spill or water runoff of liquid or granular pesticides leading to potential contamination of ground and surface waters must be minimized by appropriate operating procedures. Catchment facilities (temporary or permanent) adequate to prevent contamination of ground and surface water are necessary in loading areas where liquid drenches and immersion are applied.

Mention of companies or commercial products does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NCDA&CS over others not mentioned. NCDA&CS neither guarantees or warrants the performance of any product mentioned. This information is believed to be correct, but the user of the product is responsible for reading and following the label.



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