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Imported Fire Ant Treatments

Approved Imported Fire Ant (IFA)Treatments for: Used Earth Moving Equipment, Baled Hay and Straw, Greenhouse-Grown Plants, Grass Sod, Bulk Soil and Soil Samples

Used Earth Moving Equipment

Methods - Used soil moving equipment is eligible for movement when an inspector determines that one of the following procedures has been accomplished:

  • Equipment has been brushed free of noncompacted soil.
  • Equipment has been washed free of noncompacted soil.
  • Noncompacted soil has been removed with air pressure using specialized high pressure equipment (200 lb./in.², 30ft.³/min.).

Certification Period - As long as kept free of noncompacted soil.

Precautions - Steam may remove loose paint and usually is not recommended for use on equipment with conveyor belts or rubber parts.

Baled Hay and Straw

Both baled hay and straw stored in direct contact with the ground are ineligible for movement.

Greenhouse-Grown Plants

Greenhouse grown plants are certifiable without insecticidal treatment if the inspector determines that the greenhouse is constructed of fiberglass, glass, or plastic in such a way that IFAs are physically excluded and cannot become established within the enclosure. Slat houses, shade houses, or open greenhouses do not qualify as physical barriers. Plants grown in these structures must be treated with an approved insecticide before they can be certified for movement.

Grass Sod

Procedure - Apply a single broadcast application of chlorpyrifos with ground equipment or apply two sequential broadcast applications of granular fipronil. Immediately after treatment, apply at least 1.5 inches of water to treated areas.

Insecticides, Dose Rates, and Certification Intervals -

Insecticide Dosage rate (lb. AI per acre) Certification period (weeks) Exposure intervals

chlorpyrifos 8.0 6 48 hours
fipronil 0.0125 * 20 30 days
* Apply in two applications 1 week apart for a total of 0.025 lb AI/acre.

Bulk Soil

Procedures - Bulk soil is eligible for movement when heated either by steam or dry heat after all parts of the mass have been brought to the required temperature.

Temperature - 150°F.

Certification Period - As long as protected from recontamination.

Soil Samples

Procedure - Soil samples are eligible for movement when heated either by dry or steam heat after all parts of the mass have been brought to the required temperature. Samples of soil can also be certified by cold temperature (freezing) treatment.

Temperatures -

Temperature (°F)     Exposure Period

150     Until all parts of the mass reach 150°F
-10 to -20     24 hours minimum

Certification Period - As long as protected from recontamination.

Use this link to view and/or print a listing of MITIGATIVE MEASURES required to minimize the impact of IFA quarantine treatments on the environment and human health.
Mention of companies or commercial products does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NCDA&CS over others not mentioned. NCDA&CS neither guarantees or warrants the performance of any product mentioned. This information is believed to be correct, but the user of the product is responsible for reading and following the label.



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