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Imported Fire Ant Treatments

Approved Imported Fire Ant (IFA)Treatments for Nursery Stock, Balled or in Containers:

Method C - Topical Application

Procedure -

Bifenthrin flowable is the only insecticide and formulation registered for topical application. The method is approved only for treatment of nursery stock in 3- and 4-quart containers. Prepare a mix with the appropriate amount of Talstar Flowable in 1,000 oz. of water based on container size and bulk density of potting media as shown in the chart below. Then apply 1 fl. oz. of the mix to each container evenly distributed over the surface of the potting media. Irrigate all treated containers with 1.5 inches of water following application.

  For 3-quart pots For 4-quart pots
Potting media bulk density* (lb./yd.³) Oz. Talstar Flowable/1,000 fl. oz. water Oz. Talstar Flowable/1,000 fl. oz. water

200 3.6 5.2
400 7.2 10.4
600 10.8 15.6
800 14.4 20.8
1,000 18.0 26.0
1,200 21.6 31.2
1,400 25.2 36.4
*Use this link to access information regarding bulk density determinations.

Certification Period - 180 days.

Use this link to view and/or print a listing of MITIGATIVE MEASURES required to minimize the impact of IFA quarantine treatments on the environment and human health.
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