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Plant Industry - Seed and Fertilizer Section

Seed Tax Payment Information

Each seed dealer or grower with seed, whether it originated or was labeled by the dealer or grower, and is offered for sale in North Carolina must report the quantity of seed offered for sale and pay an inspection fee of $.04 for each container of seeds weighing ten pounds or more.  These seed shall only be subject to the inspection fee and reporting requirements once in any twelve month period. 

Exception:  This tax does not apply to seed grown by a farmer and offered for sale by the famer at the farm where the seed was grown.

Application Process
Those required to remit seed taxes must complete and submit an Application For Seed Reporting Permit(Budget & Finance Division)

The completed and signed application is to be forwarded to Revenue Auditor, NCDA&CS-Budget and Finance Division, 1085 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC  27699-1085.  Questions regarding the form or other requirements may be directed to 919-707-3041.

Mandatory Record-Keeping
Each seed dealer or grower shall keep accurate records of the quantity of seeds and container weights offered for sale from each distribution point in the state.  These records are to be available for review by an authorized NCDA&CS representative during normal business hours.

Each seed dealer or grower shall report quarterly (on forms provided by NCDA&CS), the quantity and container weight of seeds first offered for sale that quarter.  Each of these reports is to be made on the first day of January, April, July, and October and submitted within ten days.  Inspection fees shall be due and paid with the next quarterly report filed after the seed is first offered for sale.  Should the report not be filed within the ten-day period or should the tax not be paid by the tenth day following the due date or if the quantity or container weights is false, a stop-sale may be issued for all seed offered for sale by the dealer or grower.  Seed taxes not paid after 15 days after the due date shall be subject to a penalty of 10%, which shall be added to the inspection tax due.




NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division - Seed & Fertilizer Section
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