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Research Stations - Mountain Horticultural Crops

Cultural Practices


North Carolina is second in the nation in trout production. A 3,800 square-foot cool and cold water fish research facility on-site houses a recirculation unit for aquaculture studies. Production problems examined include vaccine efficacy, fish maturation, reproduction, nutritional evaluations and alternative species production.

A special facility has been constructed to house tanks used in aquaculture research
Atlantic Sturgeon are grown for roe production

Soil Conservation

The station’s mountainous terrain is ideal for conservation-tilled vegetable crops research. Experiments using winter cover crop residues for both seeded and transplanted crops have produced excellent no-till yields and soil biology information for these systems.

Integrated Pest Management

Apple and vegetable crops grown throughout Southern Appalachia have greatly benefited from the station’s integrated pest management programs. Laboratory, greenhouse and field research include pesticide evaluation, host plant resistance, biological control and the impact of new reduced-risk pesticides on pest and beneficial organisms. Disease and weed management are also studied.

Insect Traps are used in the orchard.


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