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Sandhills Research Station

Jeremy Martin

Research Operations Manager

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2148 Windblow Road
Jackson Springs, NC   27281-9124
PHONE: (910) 974-4673
FAX: (910) 974-4462

Peaches are a primary crop for the region and many varieties have been released based ondata collected at the station

Sandhills Research Station was established in 1940 on a 100-acre tract in Eagle Springs and moved in 1951 to its present 517-acre site in the Windblow community of Montgomery County. The station was created to address the needs of peach growers of the sandhills area and as such was first named the Peach Station. SRS provides the platform necessary for conducting agricultural research developed by scientists at N.C. State University and other institutions. The station provides the land, labor, equipment and management to support the research and the staff provide the care necessary for the research projects.

In addition to the production of blueberries, the station research program has expanded to include raspberries and blackberreis or caneberries. A grant from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission is currently supporting raspberry production research.


There are presently 13 buildings including an office, superintendent’s dwelling, equipment maintenance shop, chemical and fertilizer storage buildings, equipment storage sheds and packhouse. A new turf equipment storage building is the most recent addition. The station has a highly developed irrigation system that can supply supplemental irrigation to every field of the station by way of underground lines and hydrants. Two ponds supply the irrigation water. Irrigation machines include two large lateral move systems and four hard hose travelers. Twelve trucks, 14 tractors, a combine and a backhoe are used to support the research operations.

Lateral move and hose travelers provide irrigation capabilities to the entire station

Community Partnership

The Sandhills Research Station, with its deep, sandy soil, provides research scientists unique opportunities to investigate plantwater relationships, plant nutrient movements and other factors that provide cost and labor efficient ways to produce fruits, vegetables, feed grains, ornamentals and high quality turfgrass. The soils of the station are typical of the Sandhills region and are a good medium for crop research due to drainage and uniformity properties.

The Sandhills Research Station serves as a central location for training events and workshops since the station is strategically located for NC Cooperative Extension personnel and growers from Moore, Richmond and Montgomery County.


Turfgrass Field Day is held every other year to promote turfgrass management. Small Fruits Field Day is held every other year with a focus on research related to strawberries, brambles and blueberries. Peach Field Day is held as needed, usually every 2-3 years. SRS hosts numerous events throughout the year incluidng a vareity of tour groups and informal training.

Researchers share project information at the Turfgrass Field Day


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