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Frequently Asked Questions
Approved Certified Euthanasia Technician Trainer

  1. What is an approved Certified Euthanasia Technician trainer?
    "Approved Certified Euthanasia Technician trainer" means a person or organization that received
    permission from the Animal Welfare Section (AWS) to provide training to applicants or individuals seeking to be Certified Euthanasia Technicians.

  2. How do you become approved?
    You must apply to this Animal Welfare Section using a form found on our web site

There are requirements you must meet in order to become approved:

    • Possess working knowledge of euthanasia conducted according to this Section
    • Have actual experience in euthanasia of animals
    • Have experience training staff in euthanasia; and
    • Provide references from individuals or organizations previously trained.
    • Information taught shall conform to this Section and the guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Humane Society of the United States or the American Humane Association.
    • Trainers shall disclose to their students and the Animal Welfare Section any affiliations with suppliers of equipment or supplies used in euthanasia.
    • The Animal Welfare Section may make unannounced audit of instruction and testing by trainers.
    • Prior to providing euthanasia training leading to certification as a Euthanasia Technician, the person or company shall obtain approval before each class for its training program from the Animal Welfare Section.
  1. Is there a fee/charge to be an approved trainer?
    No, there is no fee or other charge from the Animal Welfare Section to become an approved trainer.

  2. What must be included in training?
    • Classroom training.
    • The potential CET must pass a written test with at least 80% correct answers. The test is provided by the Animal Welfare Section.
    • The potential CET must take and pass a practicum on the method(s) of euthanasia in which they wish to use in their work.

  3. Are there requirements about what must be taught in the classroom training?
    Yes, there are. North Carolina Administrative Code requires that at least the following subjects must be taught:

    (1) The theory and history of euthanasia methods and practice;
    (2) Animal anatomy;
    (3) Proper animal restraint, handling and methods for controlling animal stress;
    (4) Proper chemical agent dosages, record keeping and usage documentation, chemical agent, instrument and equipment storage, handling and disposal in accordance with rules and the Code of Federal Regulations;
    (5) Proper injection techniques;
    (6) Proper euthanasia techniques not utilizing injected chemical agents;
    (7) Proper and accurate verification of animal death;
    (8) Proper record keeping;
    (9) Proper disposal of euthanized animals;
    (10) Stress management for euthanasia personnel;
    (11) Proper methods and techniques of euthanasia under extraordinary circumstances;
    (12) Proper methods, techniques and chemicals inducing anesthesia and sedation in animals prior to euthanasia; and
    (13) Proper methods, techniques and chemicals used in the practical examination section for Certified Euthanasia Technician.

  4. Who supplies the test?
    The AWS will supply the test to the trainer shortly prior to the date of training.

  5. Why do you supply the test so shortly before the training? How will I know what to teach?
    The purpose of the CET process is to produce individuals that possess both the knowledge of euthanasia and can demonstrate proficiency in humanely euthanizing animals. The students should be taught the subject not the test.

The Administrative Code requires that every student be taught at least the items listed above; you may teach more and we hope that you do. The test may or may not include questions on each of the required subjects. Teaching to the test, not the subject short-changes the student and will almost certainly fail to produce the CET needed.

  1. Are there requirements about what must be on the practicum?
    Yes, there are. Please see the relevant section of the Administrative Code that is posted on our web site

  2. Do I have to administer a practicum in each method of euthanasia – EBI or CO?
    No, you do not have to administer a practicum if you do not wish nor do you have to administer a practicum in a method of euthanasia you do not wish to teach.

  3. What documents must a trainer complete in order to train students?
    • A prospective trainer must complete an application to be a certified euthanasia trainer & receive written permission from AWS.
    • The approved trainer must grade the tests and return all copies of the test and answer key to the AWS within 10 calendar days of administering the test.
    • The approved trainer must complete the Notification of Written Test Results and return it to the AWS within 10 calendar days of administering the test.
    • The approved trainer must complete the Notification of Practical Test Results and return it to the AWS within 10 calendar days of administering a practical exam.
  4. How do the students know about an approved CET training session?
    Approved trainers and their upcoming classes will be posted on our web site Information you provide to us will allow the students to contact you directly to make arrangements about obtaining a seat.

  5. Can we charge a fee for training?
    Yes, costs will be determined by the approved instructor. Contact the instructor to determine if space is available in his or her class and how much training will cost.

  6. Is the approval to provide training good for multiple training sessions?
    No, approval to provide training is good only for one training session. You will need to apply for each training session you wish to provide. Unless directed otherwise you will need to supply references only with the initial application.

Note: In order to fully understand your duties & responsibilities as an approved Certified Euthanasia Technician trainer you must read the rules on euthanasia. A copy is found on our web site

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