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NCDA&CS COVID Swine and Dairy Program Application Information


Through S.L. 2021-180 (2021 Appropriations Act) the North Carolina General Assembly established the North Carolina Swine and Dairy Assistance Program, a one-time assistance program for swine and dairy producers who suffered a loss due to the shutdowns following the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant number of swine farms have lost contracts and dairies have been forced out of business due to the pandemic.

The $30 million appropriated to NCDA&CS is to provide financial assistance for eligible swine and dairy producers for losses incurred as a result of termination of contracts or ceased milk production due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application process will be handled in two phases. Phase I application process is currently underway and Phase II will be initiated at a later date for the purpose of infrastructure modifications - Information will follow early February 2022 . The first portion of the application is determination of applicant eligibility. All eligible applicants will receive a one-time financial assistance payment of $31,500.

If the applicant/producer has questions about this program or qualifications for the program, please contact the NCDA&CS COVID Assistance helpline at 866-747-9823.

To apply for assistance the applicant/producer will need to complete the online application and submit the appropriate forms listed below.


More detailed information about the program may be obtained through:



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