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1217 Interagency Guidance Committee

Senate Bill 1217 (Session Law 1995-626) was ratified in June of 1996.

1217 Interagency Group Guidance Document

Guidance Documents (September 2009)

Biofuel Crops Recommendations

Current Agronomic Rates (August 19, 2013)

Session Law 2011-198 Report (June 30, 2011)



Section 18 authorized the creation of the interagency group to:

  1. Address questions from technical specialists and provide uniform interpretations to technical specialists regarding the requirements of the animal waste management rules.
  2. Publish its decisions on these questions on a regular and recurring basis.
  3. Provide uniform strategies for operators of intensive livestock operations to meet the December 31, 1997, deadline to obtain an approved animal waste management plan.
  4. Develop, no later than August 1, 1996, a standard for the use of riparian buffers or equivalent controls as best management practices, particularly along perennial streams; decide whether a uniform State standard, a uniform basin wide standard, or a site-specific standard best protects water quality; and submit the standard that the group decides upon the Soil and Water Conservation Commission for adoption in developing best management practices for riparian buffers and equivalent controls under Section 6 of this act.

The SB 1217 Interagency Group continues to meet to provide uniform interpretations of animal waste management rules and address questions from technical specialists. The Group's decisions are published in guidance documents on a recurring basis. 

Current Committee Membership

Interagency Nutrient Management Committee

Numerous governmental agencies are involved in nutrient management in North Carolina. To provide uniform nutrient recommendations, the North Carolina Interagency Nutrient Management Committee (INMC) was formed in 2002. To learn more about the INMC and recent activiites please follow this link.

NCDA&CS Division of Soil & Water Conservation, Vernon Cox, Director
Mailing Address: 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1614
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh North Carolina 27603
Phone: 919.707.3770

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