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North Carolina prepares for HPAI
North Carolina achieves HPAI-free status
All N.C. poultry farms should be following
STRICT biosecurity protocols
What is avian influenza? Consumers & Food Safety Biosecurity FAQs Small & Backyard Flocks Wild birds and hunting Bird shows/sales Commercial Poultry



News Releases


NCDA&CS News: Rowan County has a positive HPAI case Jan. 26


NCDA&CS News: Backyard flock in Onslow County tests positive for HPAI - Dec. 8

NCDA&CS News: Backyard flock in Durham County tests positive for HPAI- Nov. 23

NCDA&CS News: Backyard flock in Union County tests positive for HPAI- Nov. 18

NCWRC News: Waterfowl Hunters Should Take Avian Influenza Precautions-Oct. 21

NCDA&CS News: Backyard flock in Wake County tests positive for HPAI- Oct. 20

NCDA&CS News: North Carolina achieves HPAI-free status - Aug. 10

NCDA&CS News: NCDA&CS lifts poultry show and sale suspension - June 1

NCDA&CS News: Poultry shows and public sales suspended until further noticed due to High Path Avian Influenza -- April 5

NCDA&CS News: Two additional turkey farms test positive for High Path Avian Influenza; discovered in the increased surveillance zone - April 1

NCDA&CS News: Commercial turkey flock tests positive for High Path Avian Influenza - March 30

NCWRC News: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Mortalities Confirmed

NCDA&CS extends strong recommendation to poultry owners to continue strict biosecurity measures due to threat of HPAI - March 14

NCDA&CS: High Path Avian Influenza now confirmed in wild birds at three sites in North Carolina -Jan. 27

NC Zoo: North Carolina Zoo Closes Aviary to the Public as Precautionary Measure to Protect Birds- Jan. 24

NCDA&CS News: High Path Avian Influenza detected in wild bird in Hyde County - Jan. 19

NCWRC News: Wild Duck Tests Positive for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Hyde County - Jan 19

Type of Operation

County & Flock #

Date Confirmed Positive

Number of Poultry

Backyard/Independent Rowan 02 5/18/2023 *
Backyard/Independent Rowan 01 1/2/2023 *
Backyard/Independent Onslow 01 12/8/2022 *
Backyard/Independent Union 02 12/01/2022 *
Backyard/Independent Durham 01 11/23/2022 *
Backyard/Independent Union 01 11/18/22 *
Backyard/Independent Wake 01 10/20/22 *
Commercial Broilers Wayne 06 4/12/22 89,702
Commercial Turkeys Wayne 05 4/08/22 18,546
Commercial Broilers Wayne 04 4/06/22 65,601
Commercial Broilers Wayne 03 4/06/22 216,049
Commercial Turkey Wayne 02 4/05/22 14,175
Commercial Turkey Wayne 01 4/02/2022 16,924

Commercial Turkey

Johnston 03



Commercial Turkey

Johnston 02



Commercial Turkey

Johnston 01



* exact number of birds only reported for commercial flocks



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Poultry News


NC Poultry Statistics
  • BROILERS (chickens raised for meat) are the top ag commodity in the state, representing more than $3.6 billion in cash receipts for farmers in 2019. 916 million broilers were raised in North Carolina in 2019.
  • North Carolina ranks first in the nation in poultry and egg cash receipts.
  • TURKEYS In 2019, N.C. growers raised 31 million turkeys, worth more than $674 million in cash receipts. North Carolina is the second-largest turkey-producing state in the nation.
  • EGGS In 2019, the N.C. egg industry accounted for more than $451 million in farm income. More than 14 million layers produced more than 3.79 billion eggs.

Statistics from the 2020 Ag Statistics Book.


More images and B-roll of chickens can be found on, a website sponsored by the National Chicken Council.


B-roll: Avian influenza testing in a laboratory (USDA)


Contact Information

North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Division, Poultry Health Programs

(919)-707-3250 Press 2 for poultry

Media Contacts

N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Andrea Ashby
Director Public Affairs

Heather Overton:
Assistant Director

Poultry Industry

Lisa Prince
E xecutive Director N.C. Egg Association

Robert L. Ford 
Executive Director N.C. Poultry Federation

Department of Environmental Quality
Cathy Akroyd
DEQ Public Affairs

Jamie Kritzer
DEQ Public Affairs

Environmental Questions: Department of Environmental Quality

Laura Leonard
DEQ Public Affairs

John Kastrinsky, public information office for animal operations
DEQ Public Affairs

Link to the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality's (former DENR) HPAI website

Diagnostic Testing Questions:

Dr. James Trybus   
Director N.C. Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System





Office of the State Veterinarian
N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Mailing Address:1030 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1030
Physical Address: 2 W. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: 919-707-3250; FAX: 919-733-2277

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