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Fee Schedule (partial) for the North Carolina Metrology Laboratory

North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter § 81A-12 Fee schedule

The following fees apply to all of the fee schedules, as appropriate.

  1. Any special tests or weight cleaning shall be billed at the rate of seventy dollars ($70.00) per hour prorated to the nearest tenth of an hour, with a minimum charge of thirty-five dollars ($35.00).
  2. A minimum charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per invoice shall apply.
  3. If travel is required in connection with the performance of any of these services, the Department shall be reimbursed at the rates provided in G.S. 138-6.
  4. The Department may refuse to accept for testing any weight or measure the Department deems unsuited for its intended use.
  5. The fee for tests performed on weights or measures that will be used primarily outside of the State of North Carolina shall be twice the amounts set forth in this section.


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Sharon Woodard , Metrology Laboratory Manager
Phone: 984-236-4802
Fax: 919-831-1325

Last updated September 10, 2021


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